Inner City Cycling Connection





The Inner City Cycling Connection (IC3) Organization grew out of a request by the community leaders organizing the Martin Luther King Jr parade and celebration. For the benefit of the community, IC3 created an exciting bicycle race that took place before each parade. IC3 is a non-profit organization under IRS 501(c)3.

IC3 believes every child deserves a chance to strive for a positive future filled with endless opportunities regardless of their circumstances. Many inner city youths are not being given that chance. They are focusing their energies on drugs, gangs, and other caustic behavior early in life.

The goals and objectives of Inner City Cycling Connection (IC3) are enumerated below:

1) Promote the healthy and natural sport of cycling in the inner city starting with schools (children age 10 and up).
2) Be a conduit for inner city youths to focus on education, self discipline, and spiritual awareness.
3) Develop six inner city school bicycle racing teams by 2015.
4) Enlist help from public, business, and community organizations (police/fire/school district, etc).
5) Reintroduce safe, healthy, bicycling to the community.
6) Incorporate cycling in inner city schools through intra-mural participation and after school programs.
7) Increase the number of children participating in cycling athletic programs.

By accomplishing these goals and objectives, Inner City Cycling Connection (IC3) will offer an alternative healthy sport activity that encourages physical fitness and safety.
In addition, it will teach the youths of today integrity, moral commitment, and a sense of value to the overall community.